Oblivious Mom Doesn't Notice Daughter's Engagement Ring

What’s the second most exciting part about getting engaged (besides the actual proposal)? Getting to show off the ring! But when someone as special as Mom is oblivious to the new shiny rock on your hand, it can be a bit discouraging. Take it from this girl.

“I just forgot to paint my nails,” the newly engaged girl says as she pushes her left hand into her mom’s face.
Don’t worry, Mom definitely didn’t notice your nude nails, she didn’t even notice your engagement ring! Instead, Mom fawns over the wrong sparkly piece, her daughter’s earrings.

Mom Doesn't Notice Daughter's Engagement Ring

The bride-to-be tries again, continuing to tell her mom about her nails, waving her hand out in front of her. Mom, being mom, uses this as a time to fix her daughter’s jacket.

Mom Doesn't Notice Daughter's Engagement Ring

When Mom finally does notice the engagement ring though, her reaction is priceless! You’d think Mom was being proposed to herself she’s so excited.

We understand why this was an America’s Funniest Home Videos winner.