Nova and Montez

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How We Met

In October 2014 Coacoa Goddess hosted a speed dating event for sweetest day. There were 2 men and 2 women in attendance. So we got 2 – 10 min ‘dates’ each with each party involved. I (Nova) was nervous because I was horrible at dates, but decided I would give it a try. When I came in I noticed a nice looking guy with glasses, button down, blazer and jeans. He looked very put together and had a great smile. I liked him right away. I sat across from him for the first date and we introduced ourselves. Montez and Nova. ‘Nova… Like in NovaCorps’… I couldn’t remember the reference, I was way too nervous. ‘Like guardians of the galaxy…’ I let him know I saw it but wasn’t as familiar with that series. He apologized because he watches a lot of anime. ‘Oh really!! Me too, I just finished HunterxHunter! It was great! Actually I wanted to wear my Batman shirt but my mom told to put on something classy.’ We laughed and talked non stop. During the night the hostess Daphney, gave out slips of paper. My slip said “when was the last time you slow danced?” Montez smoothly stood up, took my hand and led me to the middle of the dance floor. He slow danced with me and I blushed. After the event was over I spoke to him as he walked me to my car. Said ‘I know you want my phone number’… and put it in his phone. Waited for him to call. The rest is history.

how they asked

October 20th 2017. It was sweetest day and I was so excited. It was our 3 year anniversary and I couldn’t wait to make my family breakfast. I had been up for about 2 hours thinking about the day ahead. Me and Montez had dinner plans and I was hoping it would be a special night. Around 715 am my daughter woke up and I asked her if she wanted to help me with breakfast. She said no with a wide eyed look, which I thought was strange. Two minutes after my son woke up and was all smiles and a moment later Montez woke up as well. I told him of my plans to go to the store for stuff for breakfast. He said “Ok, but can I take a shower first”? I said sure and went into the living room to entertain the kids. While in the room his phone rang and it was his dad. He wanted to know if we wanted breakfast that morning. So I went to the bathroom and let him know. He said that was a good idea, and we could get the other kids on the way. So we picked up his dad, other children and went to a breakfast restaurant that I had never been to, because I absolutely love mom and pop/greasy spoon restaurants. That’s where our video picks up.

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He asked questions. Planned carefully and reviewed all the details I had willfully given him over the previous 6 months unknowingly. My surprise was absolutely genuine. He made me feel special and loved, just as I do every day with him. He was made just for me, and I love him so much.

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Our Video