Nour and Karim

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How We Met

Karim first added me on fb and IG on September 2015, every week i got ten to twenty likes on old pictures I don’t even remember, just to let me notice him. He kept doing this until one day on November 29,2015 he liked a series of my pictures so i went furious and told him to stop since my phone stopped working, we talked twice a week, then 5 days a week to non-stoppable chatting. We went on a date at Christmas December 25,2015. We kept in contact until we became officially in a relationship on 1-1-2016. He took a big part of my life, became my best friend and the most romantic guy a girl could ask for, i never knew what love really felt until he came and possessed my heart. He made every day a unique and memorable day, words can’t express how grateful I am to have him by my side.

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how they asked

On 22-7-2017 he proposed to me in the same place of our first date in front of our friends and family. So i said YES and we got engaged on 8-8-2017.

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I never felt happier and he made me the luckiest girl on earth by simply being my safe home. To Karim: ” Thank you for the ” GROW TOGETHER ” type of love. I promise i will love you forever and ever my Fiancé!

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 | Photographer