Nory and Karl

Where to Propose in Breckenridge, CO

How We Met

Funny story! Spring break of 2011, Karls younger brother and his girlfriend at the time were my friends and attempted to hook me up with their best guy friend. As you can see things didn’t work out ;) but Karl and I definitely hit it off, we remember that beach day like it was yesterday. The rest is history, I was still in high school at the time and I can say my now finance, took me to my high school prom as well and will forever be my favorite dance partner.

How They Asked

Spring break again, perfect timing is one of his strong suits <3. We planned a trip to Breckenridge, CO with a group of friends. Living in Miami this was not our typical spring break, but one for the books! It was absolutely beautiful!! March 8th we planned a snowmobiling adventure; around us, the mountains and trees coated in powder white snow, glistening icicles hanging off the branches we truly experienced a winter wonderland.

Secluded in the mountain was a little log cabin, living in the moment Karl collected the engagement ring from his buddy [who kept it safe all trip, kudos to him] got down on one knee, and I still couldn’t believe it. Mind you, in the middle of fresh snowfall, bulky snow gear looking like marshmallows, our helmets blocking my kissing view & goggles which quickly fogged up the minute I grasped what was happening. We got engaged on a mountain top, surrounded by friends, on our very own postcard of a moment!

Nory's Proposal in Breckenridge, CO

Special Thanks

Eric Tackticos
 | Karls buddy, picked up the ring before the trip, carried it during the flight, got it passed TSA without me noticing & most of all kept it very safe!