Photographer Captures His Own Northern Lights Proposal – and The Photo is Insane.

how they asked – his side

It’s taken a few years to plan but I always had this moment in mind and it seemed fitting as we are both landscape photographers who share a passion for photographing the aurora.

Originally I was going to propose in Iceland last year but unfortunately Karlie decided to discard my secretly stashed ring (yes, that actually happened – we were trying to cut weight on a connecting flight from the Faroe Islands).

Fortunately though my plan worked on the night of, the aurora was firing in one of the most incredible displays of colour we have ever seen. I tricked Karlie into believing we were shooting a selfie & used a torch to light us up for the image.

Much to her shock, it wasn’t any normal selfie, and much to my shock, she said yes!

how they asked – her side

We headed out to chase the northern lights as the conditions were perfect, and getting photos of the aurora is a passion we both share. We found this amazing location, and Dale set up the camera, and suggested we take a selfie. Being landscape photographers it’s not often we have memories of us at the stunning locations we photograph, so of course I agreed (in fact it’s usually myself who has to suggest it).

At this point the aurora was getting better and better, Dale was trying to perfect the angle with the fast moving lights, I kept telling him to hurry up so we could take some landscape shots before we missed it (a display of the northern lights overhead can come and go within a matter of minutes). He said just one selfie… and ran over. Before I knew it he was down on one knee and proposing.

I was completely blown away, as it was the last thing I was expecting, I really thought we were taking a silly selfie, but not this time! It wasn’t until after I’d said yes, I found out out about Dales plan to propose on our last trip when I’d accidentally thrown out another engagement ring which was hidden in a moisturiser bottle (unbeknown to me). I couldn’t believe I’d thrown out an expensive ring, but I guess having this photo makes up for it!

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