Norris and Heather

How We Met

Norris and I don’t have the most glamorous story lol we started dating our senior year of high school at South Lafourche High School in Cut Off, LA (2010). We didn’t really realize it at the time, but the chase quite literally began during our junior year when we’d race to one of our classes after lunch every day, and of course, Norris never let me win.

I had to do much of the chasing as Norris isn’t a man of many words..until you get to know him. Side note: He’s the most intelligent, humorous, kind-hearted, and manliness man I know. I love that he is true to himself, and we seem to balance and bring out the best in each other. I just adore him with all my might.

how they asked

In 2013, I began my first year in pharmacy school at the University of Louisiana’s College of Pharmacy, and Norris started his job overseas on an oil-producing platform in Africa in the Gulf of Guinea. He told me he wouldn’t be home for my birthday that year (November 21st) because he was going to have to stay out there an extra week for that hitch. But he lied. He’d gotten in touch with a couple of my close friends and then my professor to coordinate the proposal.

He got home without me knowing, asked for my parents’ blessing, drove 5 hours to Monroe, and got ready to pop the question the following day. On my birthday, at the end of class, my professor told us there would be someone coming in to make an announcement while I was busy typing up an assignment for another class. When Norris walked in, I looked up and did not recognize him at all and just went back to typing.

Then he said my name. I looked up and saw tons of cameras in my face and realized it was him. So I’m front of about 100 classmates, he asked me to marry him☺ and the rest is history. We were engaged for 4 years and our wedding was at the beginning of this month!

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