Norma and Tim

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Every year, since we started dating, we took pictures together. We have been together for four years now so we had set up an appointment with one our friend, Stephen Salter. As usual, I was under the impression that we were taking Christmas photos so I dressed in red to show my Christmas spirit. Little did I know this was going to be the day my best friend was going to ask for my hand in marriage. As we approached a small deck area, Stephen tells me to face the back while he takes pictures of Tim, my boyfriend but now fiancé, at different angles. So I turned to face the opposite way of Tim, which after a short period of time, Stephen says he’s done so as I turn I see Tim down on one knee, holding a beautiful diamond ring that would change my life forever. He asked me for my hand in marriage and I said YES! I’m marrying my best friend everyone!

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