Norah and Josh

Image 1 of Norah and Josh

How We Met

I had been on some really terrible dates as of recent and was venting to a friend of mine from work. She had suggested I try this military dating website that had been pretty successful for some else she had known. So I gave it a try even though I thought it was super cheesy to meet someone online. After about a week I met Josh and we hit it off immediately. We went out on our first official date shortly after that (which ended with us talking and swinging in a park until about midnight). My birthday came up almost three weeks after that, & that’s when he chose to ask if I would OFFICIALLY be his girlfriend. And I absolutely said yes!! At that point we met each other’s families shortly after and got along amazingly as well!

how they asked

Well apparently Josh new back in June (which was only about three months of us dating) that he was going to propose this year. He didn’t waste any time going to get a ring and meeting with my parents to ask for their blessing! Once he had spoke with my parents he put his plan in to play. Two weeks before we got engaged he started asking if he could give me a kiss then giving me an acorn button. I have always loved Peter Pan and even have an acorn/thimble tattoo. He would pick random times to give me an acorn to keep me on my toes! Then we went away for the weekend for a co-worker’s wedding.

When we got there Josh and I went on a little tour of Oriental where we ended up in Lou-Mac Park which has a small pier. We went out the the end of the pier and Josh told me he had a surprise, I tensed up a little because I’m not a huge fan of surprises. He pulled out a poem for me to read and asked me to look out over the water as I read it. And when I turned back around Josh was down on one knee with an acorn box in his hands. He then asked me “Can I give you one more kiss” and opened the ring box.