Noraelisa and Justin


How We Met

Justin and I met at Red River Country Dance bar in Dallas Texas. I had recently gotten out of a relationship, but my friend urged me to go out, even though I wanted to stay home. I ended up caving and we headed out to dance! She was meeting up with a friend who was part of a church group. I started chit chatting with some of her friends and then was asked to dance by the tall red head of the group. We both knew how to country dance so we talked and danced and laughed. I had tried to resist him for a bit, but he was so sweet (and cute), that I couldn’t! By the end of the night, we exchanged numbers. That is how I met my future husband!

how they asked

I had just finished working a golf tournament to raise money for the gym that I work at. I was tired, hot, and starving. I had plans to have a picnic with Justin after I got off. I thought nothing of it, but to be excited to see him and to make sure he had plenty of food there. He did tell me he wanted to make it special though. In my mind, I thought “oh okay, we are going to have cookies on the picnic too!” My mind was all about the grub. Special surprises usually consisted of sugary sweets with us anyways So, I drove over to the nature preserve to meet for dinner and had a sudden strong craving for cookies.

When I arrived, he met me at my truck and we walked over to the gazebo. All the while, I was ranting on about how work went and how our days were. While talking, I noticed how sweaty our hands were and said “Our hands haven’t been this sweaty since we first held hands! It must be me, it’s hot outside!” He laughed and agreed, though this should have been a giant clue to what was coming up. Once we got to the gazebo, there were a dozen roses on a picnic basket. A gazebo in a nature preserve at sunset with roses?! Crazy cute! We sat down and he unloaded the picnic basket. The usual picnic items; sandwiches, condiments, crackers. After it all, he takes out a book with a big “J & N” on the front with a picture of us.

I was in total shock. I looked at him in total shock as well! My first thought wasn’t what was in it, but that he had made this book! He opened it to pages of pictures of ourselves throughout the year with our dating story transformed into a fairy tale. He told me he had wrote it and I was in utter disbelief. On the third to last page, he opened the page a little too much and I saw something shiny on the last page and realized what I was in for. I stopped listening to the story and honestly, I do not even remember what I was doing for the next couple minutes.

Gaping? Staring? While I was in the middle of whatever I was doing, he stood up, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him with the book flipped open to a page with a ring tied on a ribbon.


Niagara Falls 2 spilled out as I said yes, and I suddenly heard camera shutters. His sister and our best friend came in shooting this whole moment. They had been creeping the entire time. I had never felt so elated in my life.


Once his sister and our friend left and the excitement settled in, we had our picnic. As we were eating our sandwiches, I asked “so this was the something special you had planned for this picnic?” To which he replied, “Yes! Oh, and I made cookies for us”. Perfect.


Inside the book was written:

“Once Upon A Time, there was a beautiful princess from the kingdom of Plano. One day, she met a valiant knight at the Yule Ball. He had an important expedition the next morning, and had to leave, but before he left, he asked if he could write to her. During his expedition, the valiant knight noticed she liked to be the best at everything. So the knight had a plan. He challenged the beautiful princess to a fun game of Top Golf and she gladly accepted. The knight got his steed and got the princess and they were off. The beautiful princess had no mercy, but as the game continued, she grew some sympathy. Although her mercy was well appreciated, the knight ended up winning. But his battle was far from over.

It was time to take the beautiful princess back to her kingdom. He fumbled with his armor until he gained the courage to ask her out. The beautiful princess laughed at his nervousness and accepted a date. The time came for their date and he took her to a place where magic is real and there are birds, gems, and other magic. After an evening of fun, they couldn’t end the night, so they moved to a place with mobile eateries. They sat and talked for hours, not realizing that they would soon fall in love with each other. The princess had a strong love for animals and children.


The knight had a love for weapons and they shared their love for these things and continued to grow more in love with each other. They went on trips to the mountains, forests, valleys, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and oceans. They went to the knight’s kingdom, to his farm, and even the land of his mother. The knight hoped he could take the beautiful princess to many more places around the world for the rest of his life. So the knight got down and asked the beautiful princess to be his lifelong partner forever. And they lived happily ever after.”


Special Thanks

Kristina Sparks | 
K.Sparks Photography