Nora and Samuel

Image 1 of Nora and Samuel

How We Met

Samuel and I met at a one year Bible School program called Kaléo. The program was a mixture of outdoor adventure and biblical teaching. In our first year of knowing each other, Samuel and I climbed a mountain, surfed, sailed, caved and went on countless other amazing adventures in God’s creation.

Image 2 of Nora and Samuel

how they asked

Samuel proposed to me by a waterfall on his neighbours property. We went on a long hike and when we arrived he pulled out his guitar and sang our song to me (Inheritance by Jon Foreman). He then said some very sweet things to me and got down on one knee. This was all followed by a picnic but both of us were too excited to eat! I think I knew that Samuel was proposing to me when he got his guitar out of the car, because why else would he bring his guitar on a long hike?!
Image 3 of Nora and Samuel
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