Nora and Christian

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How We Met

I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. I was an avid soccer player growing up and was lucky enough to be a college soccer player at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR). Christian is originally from Puerto Rico and played baseball at the same university! We first met in the Fall of freshman year through mutual friends, we immediately became best friends. At our college, athletes mainly hung out with other athletes because we all lived at the same apartment complex. Christian and I enjoyed going to each other’s games, watching TV, and going to the library together to do homework, aka talk the whole time. We loved to laugh, make memories, and support one another.

At the end of freshman year, we both knew we liked each other a little more than friends. On July 26th, 2016 Christian asked me to be his girlfriend.

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How They Asked

Christian started planning our engagement, without me knowing, back in August 2021. My family was at a lake house on Lake LBJ celebrating my Papa’s 90th birthday. Christian told my dad and mom he was ready to ask me to marry him. My parents were overjoyed! Christian then told my older brother and sister who were excited to gain another brother in the family.

During Thanksgiving, we went to my parents’ house in Georgetown, Texas. I ran errands with my dad like I always did when he needed help picking out a gift for my mom since her birthday was right around the corner. Little did I know it was to get me out of the house so Christian, my mom, and brother could pick out my engagement ring. Christian picked out an oval-cut diamond with a simple gold band!

Christian and I planned a trip to New York the week before Christmas. I always wanted to see New York decorated for Christmas time. It was magical! We also toured around Boston with his mom, mom’s boyfriend, and sister. The last night we were in Boston, December 17th, 2021, I received an unexpected call from my mom telling me my Papa had passed away unexpectedly from a massive heart attack. My family and I were devastated because we are very close to my grandparents. Christian had planned for Papa to be there for the engagement, but the world had other plans.

We got home from our New York trip and had a ceremony for Papa. Little did I know Papa had paid for me and my siblings to get our nails done the day of my engagement. I thought nothing of it because we all enjoyed manicures and pedicures, especially my Papa.

Later that day (12/23/21) my mom wanted to go take family pictures in downtown Round Rock, where I and my siblings grew up. The downtown was decorated for Christmas; it was beautiful. My sister brought her a nice camera to set up and take photos. I thought these were going to be the first family photos without my Papa in them, so I again, thought nothing of it.

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We cross the street to a giant light-up ornament and Christmas tree, it was beautiful! My uncles, mom, dad, and Mema take a picture. Then my sister, brother, me, and Christian take a picture. My siblings walk away and all of a sudden I see Christian reach into his vest pocket. I looked at my family in shock and immediately started crying because I knew what was happening. The key things I remember Christian saying were, “I love you so much, will you marry me?” I said, “Of course!” with tears running down my face.

We were all overjoyed with happiness and a little bit of sadness because we all wish my Papa could have been there. This is a night I will never forget, it was absolutely PERFECT!

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Special Thanks

Addie Hellmers
 | Photographer
Kathy Hellmers
 | Planning
Ryan Hellmers
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