Noon and Feras

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How We Met

Just like any fresh graduate would do, I packed my stuff and headed to my cousin’s place to spend few days and chill for some time before the New Year’s Eve of 2015 which we didn’t have any plan for yet! Not knowing what miracles are coming on my way, I randomly asked to my cousin to go and have a bite at Matajer (a small community mall) which was right next to her dormitory. I wore the most convenient piece of cloth with no makeup at all and ran straight away to Matajer! We reached there, it was full and we didn’t find a good spot to sit in, and soon our eyes fell to an empty table which we hurriedly ran to. I sat there and asked my cousin to go and order food while I keep the table saved for us. While staring at what everyone is doing out there- my eyes fell on him entering Matajer from the back gate which was right in front of my eyes. Soon as he approached my table staring at me and mumbling with some greetings that I totally ignored with just smiling back to him. He realized then that it was the wrong table and that he’s heading to somewhere else but yea I still nailed it in few seconds ;) After some research, he succeeded in finding me on Instagram and he sent me the weirdest message anyone would get but apparently that’s what I was waiting for and shortly then, our endless conversations started. We have many things in common (including our facial features!) – our dreams, our happy moments, food, selfies, Karak Chai, long drives, the passion to have a successful career and above all – how we love each other.

I cant’ claim that we had the most perfect and flawless relationship ever. No, we passed through lots of downs and unfavorable moments that you do not want to know about but deep inside – we were ready to do anything to make this beautiful relationship work. Mentioning this, I can not ignore all the pure souls (they know themselves and they’re probably reading this too!) that helped me to pass through all the storms and not lose my mind – thank you from the bottom of my heart!

how they asked

Few days before September 26th, 2017 which was our first year anniversary of a beautiful, happy and worthy relationship. We were both very busy preparing for this spectacular and long awaited day. I prepared my dress, accessories, informed my company’s HR that I’m taking a half day on the 26th, prepared his gift with all the love I have for him and eagerly waited for that day. For the first time in this year – I got ready on time! Haha – I swear I was ready at 5:15 pm and waiting for his call. Soon as I went down and my eyes were literally sparkling looking at him waiting for me with that fancy Mercedes that he rented to make it a day to remember. I was approaching that car as if it was my first time to see him! I bet that was the best ride ever – not to mention the small details since they’re ours, but I’m still in love with that day.

Roaming around the streets of Dubai – we finally reached to that amazing and sought out destination Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. All my life pleasures were together – him, the dreamy location, the beach, a Tiffany box, flowers, good food and music and an amazing photographer capturing those moments. I didn’t wait for too long until i found out that our anniversary celebration had turned to a proposal with my favorite person saying: “Noona, will you marry me?”.

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It was that moment – that moment that made us understand that with every storm; there is a rainbow on the way. Our official family engagement is on the way – but believe me girls, nothing can ever replace this moment when your prince charming asks you to b his better half.

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Special Thanks

Gaurav Bambral
 | Photographer