Nona and Beka

Proposal Ideas Rome, Italy

How We Met

I was studying abroad in Turkey and Beka was working there. We are from Georgia (country). There was a Georgian national concert and we were attending the concert. I met with him there. I was there with my friends and he wasn’t alone too. He told me only “hello” nice to meet you, Nona. The second day our mutual friend added him to a Georgian student group in Turkey (a Facebook group). There was a terror attack in Istanbul city and I write big post in the group “I hope all the students are good…” he commented me, and after one week I noticed his comment, I have just liked the comment and after this, he wrote me. He came to my city and we had a really amazing time together everytime, we had traveled historical places in Turkey and he was everytime next to me. In holidays we were going to Georgia and had nice time too. We had a two-year relationship.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Rome, Italy

Nona's Proposal in Rome, Italy

How They Asked

I finished my studies and returned to my homeland. Beka arrived on summer holidays and I have introduced him to my family. After this, he introduced me to his family. We both love to travel and we had planned a trip to Italy three months earlier. I went to Rome with Beka and with my sister Ana. After a tiring flight, we relaxed and it was time to visit Trevi Fountain! We throw our coins into Trevi Fountain. My sister was making a video shot, one two three and… Beka was very excited and coin fell out of his hand.

The second time we said one, two, three and coin into the fountain, my sister Ana and Beka were asking to me look Nona what is happening there? (another side) and I told “what?” “where?” “There is nothing” after this I turned around and Beka was on one knee. He asked “Nona will you marry with me?” I started crying and I told YES! YES! YES! There was applause all around. Everyone was congratulating us. It was the best day of my life! I love you Beka. Thanks a lot to my sister you are everything!

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