Nomi and Tavin

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How We Met

After seeing me at a bonfire right before Christmas, Tavin grabbed my number from some of my good friends & immediately started texting me! We’d never actually met, but he asked me to go get sushi, & I just couldn’t say no. After four hours on our first date, he dropped me back off at my house and we sat in his car for another two hours just talking. After he left I just knew there was something so special & different about him. He laughed even when he & I both knew my joke was lame, every time I got in the car he’d open my door (even after 3 years he still does this no matter what), & he carried such a joy & light in his presence that I just could not get enough of. There is no one else in the world quite like him. He is kind, romantic, gentle, & so full of passion & grace. He loves without fear & forgives without question. He’s my person now & forever.

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how they asked

Tavin was acting so weird to me ALLL week. I would call him & say “Hey Babe” & he would say “I’m not doing anything”… I was like okay??? He is the worst a keeping secrets so I was so shocked at this huge one that he did keep but I definitely knew something was going on!

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Our couple best friends live in Charleston & randomly came up for the weekend so I was for sure that Dallas (our guy friend from Charleston) was going to propose to his girlfriend Mckenzie! I was dead set on this thought & kept telling Tavin that I think that’s why they randomly came up to Greenville! Well little did I know!

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That Saturday evening we were all going to go downtown Greenville to eat dinner at one of Mckenzie’s favorite restaurants but Tavin wanted to show us a new location he had been scouting since we are all photographers I really didn’t think it was out of the norm to drive & check out this new location. But when we got there he had set up everything. It was so magical. It looked like something straight out of a fairytale.

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