Noi and Kelsey's Boat Marriage Proposal

Boat Marriage Proposal

how they asked: My friend Molly and I were planning a photo shoot. We had shot before together in the past and thought it would be fun to do a shoot in the spring involving my boyfriend (now husband) so we could get some cute photos together.

She told me that a sailing photo shoot or on a boat would be fun and I couldn’t have agreed more! My husband and I both have a deep love for the ocean and I knew that if we were in our natural element then the photos would turn out great! I pitched the idea to him and he loved it as well. We set a date to do the shoot. Noi (my husband) has a lot of friends who own boats and fish or sail so he said that he would be able to get a boat for us to use that day which I didn’t think anything of because we have been offered to go on our friends boats numerous times.

March 30th, 2014 arrives and we meet at the harbor for our shoot. We all hop on the boat and decide to do a fun sail out to the sea first and Molly started capturing some great images. After about half an hour or so we pull up next to the Wharf where the water is a little more calm. We decide to get up on the front of the boat and take some photos.

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Noi said he had to use the restroom so I turned to the front and started pretending like I was “THE KING OF THE WORLD” from Titanic. I turn around afterwards to see if anyone was looking and there is Noi, down on one knee with a ring in his hand.

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I was shocked! Molly brilliantly captured it all on camera and now we have these amazing photos for the rest of our lives! I was so happy and so was he.

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It turned out, Noi and Molly had plotted the whole thing all along. The moment I had told him about wanting to do the shoot he reached out and contacted Molly and set the whole thing up. It was a very sweet and special day that I will never forget now and will always be able to revisit thanks to Molly.

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Photos by Molly Gilholm Photography