Nohealani and Daniel

How We Met

Danny and I went to the same high school together (he was two years older) and we had the same mutual friend group, but had never actually talked to each other. I admit, I always thought he was cute and he says that he remembers seeing me one time sitting in the hallway with my cheer friends and saying to himself “I’m going to marry that girl someday”…I give him crap that he’s just making it up, but I give him the benefit of the doubt because three Summers ago we saw each other on Tinder. We both admit we had a Tinder out of boredom and neither of us was actually serious about meeting or dating people from it, but for some reason he was just so adamant about going on a date with me (literally asked me to hang out like 10-12 times before I caved) and he said it was because he knew that seeing me on there meant something because of what he said to himself so long ago! Long story short, we had the most amazing Summer together adventuring and meeting new friends. Sorry to be cliche, but was literally a “Summer romance”. I broke my leg after the Summer and he took it upon himself to take care of me even though we had just started dating. I moved into his condo a 10 months later and it has been the best adventure of my life.

how they asked

Over the weekend, Danny’s parents and grandpa came from California to visit our mountain home for the first time, and we took them and some good family friends to the top of our favorite mountain to see one of the best views in the White Mountains. They said that there was a geocache hidden at the top (a geocache is a fun thing where people hide objects all over the world and post the coordinates online for other people to find them).

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They started searching for it when we got to the top, and when they found it they said I had to be the one to open it since I was the only one there who had never opened one before, but it wasn’t a geocache – it was a ring! I had absolutely no clue this was in the works and I was so shocked I was actually speechless (before I said HELL YES and bawled my eyes out). And no, there really wasn’t an actual geocache up there…sneaky people.

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