Noely and Marco

how we met

In the year of 2014, during the spring when I was only 16 years old. I remember going to church every Sunday with my family. I would always see a handsome family sit at the bench next to us. Three handsome brothers (two being identical twins), one beautiful sister, and a mom. One of them caught my eye, a twin. Although I thought his sister may or may not be his sister but his wife, because they would sit next to each other, I could never stop admiring from a distance. He was just too good looking. I later got the idea that he seemed a little too old for me anyway and that he would never turn my way. Until one day in the fall of the same year, I sat many benches behind him to his right, and I looked his way, starred for a minute and within that minute he turned to look straight my way as if he felt me staring at him. We made a direct eye contact, he smiled and I didn’t know wether to smile back or turn away to look elsewhere. So I did both. At that moment I felt butterflies, I was blushing, I felt my cheeks heat up. I did not want to think anything of it, perhaps he smiled at the girl behind me. So I did not turn to look that way no more. I focused on the father who was giving the mass and that was it for that day. He later on told me he waited for me to look his way again. We wouldn’t approach one another but we would always look each others way every Sunday. I remember coming home from church. I went straight to my room to charge my phone and I saw a notification from facebook. It was a friend request from Marco Rodriguez. I of course did not recognize the name, so I clicked on it and the profile picture was of him and his twin brother. my heart dropped. I was in shock, I was nervous. I knew it was the same guy that had made eye contact with me so I scrolled through his pictures and profile and evidently he was not married, he was single. I accepted his friend request and he quickly sent me a message. I played hard to get for a while, and weeks later he finally got my number. He was worried that I would reject him because he was older than me. But I told him I like maturity in a guy. We would only text, and see each other on Sundays at church for a whole year and a half. We later started going on dates when we finally met each others families and got accepted from both sides. It has now been 5 years since we first saw each other and we are more in love than ever.

how they asked

Marco surprised Noely by inviting her to his bosses anniversary gala, or so she thought! It was really their engagement party! Marco and Noely arrived to the estate and walked down towards the gazebo where he was going to propose. Noely had no idea what was going to happen, she thought it was an anniversary gala, and she was enjoying her time dancing with her soon to be fiancé in the gazebo taking a few selfies and them at the perfect moment Marco went down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life.

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