Noelle and Ryan

How We Met

I applied for a job at the local Panera Bread when I was finishing my sophomore year in college. When I started I worked the night shifts after classes so I never really met Ryan, but little did I know- he noticed me. He approached me at a bar one night and we exchanged numbers. We’ve been dating ever since. In a series of highs and lows, as with every other relationship, we have developed a kind of love & trust with each other I truly never imagined possible.

Proposal Ideas Switzerland

Noelle's Proposal in Switzerland

How They Asked

Fast forward seven years later, we have been planning a 6 month trip around the world and left on June 30th to start off on a 200-mile bike tour around Germany, Switzerland, and Austria with both of our mothers, his sister, and a family friend. Although we have been talking about the future for a while, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that he would do it on this epic journey.

But on July 4th, in Schaffhausen, Switzerland along the Rhine he dropped to one knee while his sister caught pictures from behind. I am so lucky to have him and to have had some family to celebrate with after. We plan to return to the States in late January/ early February to celebrate with the rest of our loved ones. Bon voyage!

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