Noelle and Nick

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Long Branch, New Jersey

How We Met

Surprisingly enough Nick and I met on the dating app Tinder! It was June of 2016, and him and I had both been living in Manhattan at the time, and “swiped right” on each other. We had made plans to grab drinks at a bar in Midtown Manhattan, Monarch. When the day finally came to meet I was incredibly nervous, so nervous that I was 45 minutes late to our date!

We immediately hit it off, and within a few minutes we found out that we both grew up in the same town, less than a mile away from each other! It felt like something out of a movie.

We began to hang out almost everyday, and it didn’t take me long to realize that I had never felt so strongly for someone before! We spent a large part of that summer down the shore in my favorite place, Long Beach Island, New Jersey. We love to spend our morning walking on the beach and riding our bikes, and it was there that I realized I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Nick!

How They Asked

My family had made dinner plans by the beach for New Years Eve, and a few days prior Nick had asked if I wanted to grab a drink before dinner with him. Dinner was at a restaurant in Long Branch, Sirena. It is a gorgeous Italian restaurant overlooking the ocean. My parents were having a party at their house after dinner, so Nick wanted to spend some time together, just the two of us, before everyone else joined. I suggested we go to another restaurant, Le Avenue, which was next to where we were planning on eating dinner.

Nick picked me up from my house around 4:00 that afternoon and we made our way down the shore. The weather was horrible! It was pouring rain and super windy! We finally got to the restaurant and took a seat at the bar. We started talking about our favorite moments of 2018, and a few minutes into the conversation Nick stood up from his seat and started acting very nervous and jittery! A few minutes later he wanted to go on a walk. I said there was no way I was walking out in that rain, but he insisted! I knew as soon as we stopped walking under a gazebo that he was going to propose!

Noelle and Nick's Engagement in Long Branch, New Jersey

Nick started talking and I saw the tears in his eyes and I felt fireworks go off in my head! It was pouring rain still, but that in combination with the ocean in the background made the moment feel like a fairy tale! Right before he got down on his knee, he told me he had one last thing he wanted to ask me before the end of 2018, and that is when he asked me to marry him!

Of course I said yes! We walked over to dinner where both my family and his family were there to celebrate! It was such a surprise! After dinner we went back to my house, which was filled with balloons, confetti, desserts, and a table full of photos of us! It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen, and I immediately started crying!

We counted down until midnight and right after that my dad set off fireworks in the backyard. It still feels like a dream!