Noelle and Cad

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How We Met

I was in college, and We were on a group date, of course with other people, on Memorial Day and went bridge jumping. He being a local guy took us out and showed us a new place to go bridge jumping. Keep in mind this Idaho where any running water is melted snow run off, and so we all jump in at the same time as a group and the water was freezing. I immediately lost my breath and couldn’t swim, I got caught in the current and started going under. Another friend from the group grabbed me helped me out. But I was certain he thought I was just some stupid college girl who couldn’t even swim. About a month later we matched on an online dating app and I figured it wouldn’t get past one date since our first time meeting went less than stellar for me. But after about the third date I was hooked on him!

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how they asked

I am completely and utterly obsessed with fall, so he told me he was going to take me to a pumpkin patch because he wanted to get pumpkin seeds to roast. And when we got there he had to find the biggest pumpkin, and I thought he was just being weird and it was some kind of manly thing or something. But we got our pumpkins and then I had to go to work. So while I was at work he and my best friend took his pumpkin cut it open from the bottom, and pulled out all the guts, and shoved flowers in to the bottom portion they cut out, I’m studying horticulture and floral design in school, and then wired one of the flowers and placed the ring on the flower. Then replaced the bottom of the pumpkin and super glued it in. The next day we decided to go ahead and carve the pumpkins open to get the seeds. My best frifriend nd was standing back and I thought she was just taking pictures of it, but she actually had my parents on FaceTime. And I cut the top of the pumpkin out and opened it and saw something growing inside of it. My first thought was oh how cool a seed sprouted, I should take a picture and show it to my horticulture teachers.

But I actually looked down inside it and saw the flowers and was like oooohh, I see. But the ring had fallen off the flower so he had to dig around for it in the bottom of the pumpkin. He found it and got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. The best part was that I go by my middle name Noelle and he tried to use my full name which is Michaela Noelle Miller and instead said Noelle Michaela Miller, don’t know if he was nervous or what, but it definitely made it more memorable. And because the ring got lost in the bottom of the pumpkin it was covered it guck when he pulled it out so we had to go and scrub it before we took pictures.

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