Noel and Keegan

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How We Met

It was the summer of 2014, we both had returned home to Warwick, NY from our Connecticut colleges. I was enjoying her time off from Trinity College and Keegan was celebrating his graduation from Quinnipiac University. I was working in NYC for the summer and living on my own so I downloaded Tinder for fun, not looking to meet up with anyone but just to chat with different people. On July 7th, 2014, I was lucky enough to match with Keegan. His older brother was dating my best friend, so I knew about him even though we had not officially met. Keegan and I went to the same high school but were two grades apart and involved in different activities. I played ran cross country and played the flute, and Keegan played lacrosse year-round. Our paths didn’t cross often, yet we still have fond memories of each other’s adolescent selves. Keegan remembers me quietly passed by in the halls and I best remember Keegan from being the homecoming king, lacrosse captain, and being on our high school’s telethon. I would have never thought years later we would both swipe right on Tinder and be a perfect match. The conversations flowed effortlessly and the butterflies of excitement fluttered before every date as we spent the rest of the summer making memories together in our shared hometown of Warwick, NY. When Summer came to an end, our relationship continued to grow as Keegan had coincidentally taken his first job in Hartford, CT and I was still attending Trinity College. Soon enough, we were inseparable.

This is a photo of Keegan and I on one of our first dates, fishing in my parent’s backyard.

how they asked

Fast forward 4 years from the day that we matched on Tinder (7/7/2014) to July 7th, 2018. Every year, we celebrate our Match Day or Matchiversay, to pay tribute to the moment when it all began. We were happily living together in CT. We enjoy cooking and exploring all that Fairfield County has to offer. One of our favorite places being Jennings Beach, a small beach on the Connecticut sound. To celebrate our Match Day, we decided to combine our hobbies and do a picnic on the beach.

First stop was to visit our favorite grocery store, Stew Leonard’s (clearly we have become a domesticated couple over these past four years.) Stew’s is essentially half grocery store and half amusement park, but we approach that place on a mission. Reusable bags and flyer in hand, we cruised through the labyrinth until we hit our extraction zone, the seafood section. Shrimp was on sale and we wanted something light and refreshing for our picnic, it was perfect. We headed back to our apartment and cooked up the shrimp with some cilantro, garlic, red pepper flakes, and lime juice; then threw it on top of some freshly made fettuccine. Packed our picnic basket with the meal, some cured meats & cheese, and a bottle of wine; then it was to the beach!

We always set up near the boating area because it is peaceful and less populated. After running around all day, cooking up our dinner, and setting up our picnic, we finally started to snack, mixing up combinations of prosciutto, copa, salami, a variety of cheeses, and rosemary salted crackers. Keegan loves taking photos, so he was walking around the beach taking pictures of the boats and the water. He brought his tripod, which he frequently does because he likes to set up his own photos rather than ask someone else to take it for us. Once the sun started to set, Keegan setup his camera and tripod, then hurried into the frame as usual…but this time was different, the camera was set to record video.

I was confused because he began talking to me and not posing for the photo. He was telling me how incredible it was that four years ago we found our match for life. I gave him a kiss and turned back to the camera, still waiting for the timer picture to snap. Keegan let go of me and when I turned toward him he was on one knee asking me the easiest question I’ve ever had to answer, “Will you marry me?” I erupted with tears of happiness and after a quick sob, I said an enthusiastic “Yes”. I grabbed him for a hug right away forgetting about the ring and when he closed the ring box it made a sound that made me think I had knocked the ring into the sand! I quickly spun around in a panic! When I realized what had happened I quickly put the ring on right away. We celebrated for a few minutes holding each other tightly with pure bliss. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my perfect match!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Jennings Beach, Fairfield, CT

Here I am ugly crying! The happiest tears.

Here is the special box Keegan got for my ring! It says my name on the outside and “Marry me?” on the inside.

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