Noel and Garrett

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How We Met

We met on an online dating site, and went on our first date to Plan B burger bar in MA. He was telling me his plans on how he was going to move to Florida that summer, so at first I thought he had no intentions of building a relationship. On our second date he took me to monument mountain because I had previously told him I liked hiking and at the top of the mountain is where we had of first kiss. We eventually decided to keep our options open for mining so he ended up staying in MA with me a year and a half later and we just moved to CA to start our life together.

how they asked

My mother who is a photographer asked me to go on one last hike before me and Garrett moved to California. I agreed and she mentioned she wanted to go to monument mountain. I invited Garrett and planned to go on a last hike with the two of them. As the day came, more and more people were invited on this hike and it left me feeling skeptical. I felt as though something what going to happen. We begin hiking and we get to the top where my mom is taking photos of the two of us where we first kissed and then Garrett steps out and my mom tells me to look of into the distance because it would make a cool shot. As I turned my back Garrett grabs the ring from his bag and my mom makes fun of my butt so I turn around to see Garrett on his knee with a ring in his hand. I was so shook I slipped down the rock. I was in such shock and was close to falling off the Mountain. After he proposed he had a bottle of Möet Imperial and champagne flutes to celebrate.

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Special Thanks

Betsy Martinez
 | Photographer
Kayla Yargeau
 | Planning