Noel and David

Where to Propose in Malibu Creek State Park

How We Met

In the fall of my senior year at USC, I was co-hosting our last fraternity rush event of the semester at my friend’s house in Hollywood Hills. I knew of Noel from her roommates, who I’d known for years at USC, but hadn’t had a chance to say anything to her as that week was incredibly busy for me. When I saw her arrive at the party, I couldn’t look away.

I gathered myself, finished welcoming everyone to the party, and knew I had to find time to go talk to her. Luckily enough, Noel and her roommates were talking to one of my friends, so I walked over, introduced myself, and tried to play it cool… not something I do well.

Noel and David's Engagement in Malibu Creek State Park

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Malibu Creek State Park

Throughout the rest of the evening, I’d go back and forth between talking to Noel and her friends and socializing with everyone else at the party. At the end of the evening, when we were all waiting for Ubers back to campus, I asked Noel for her number before we, along with two of our friends, shared a ride back to campus. This was the start of many amazing dates around LA and a camping trip to Yosemite where we made our relationship official!

How They Asked

My alarm went off at 4:30a on a Saturday (yes, my eye twitches just thinking about it) to prepare for a sunrise photoshoot with Steph Klotz. We had been planning this shoot for months — mood board and all — and we were both so excited to be shooting at Malibu Creek State Park at sunrise with no one around. As I was getting ready, I noticed David was already awake, making me coffee..weird! But I didn’t think twice about it.

I left a little before 6a to meet Steph at her apartment so we could drive up to Malibu together. I expected her to be ready to go as she asked me to meet her so early. Instead, she asked me to come inside so she could clear out her memory cards and pack her bags. Little did I know she was stalling while David drove up to Malibu Creek, hoping to beat us there and get in position.

We hit the road, catching up during our drive, and she brought up David, “you and your boyfriend are so cute… what’s his name again?!” That threw me off the most since we had all just been up to Yosemite together a few months ago…

The sun was just starting to rise and we arrived at Malibu Creek State Park around 7a and WOW it was beautiful, but also freezing! I didn’t bring a jacket or closed-toed shoes and was wearing a dress (that David secretly picked out).

Steph and I hiked around until we found the “perfect” spot and we were ready to shoot! I was numb at this point but started doing my thing, twirling/moving around and walking back and forth on the path.

Then Steph said, “Noel — stop turning around. Just look at me”. After a few more minutes, I see her smile and look at something behind me.. or someone. I turned around to see David walking down the trail yelling, “HEY BABY!”.

Uhhh hi? What are you doing here? Why are you all dressed up?


OH MY GOSH, it’s happening!

He started saying incredibly sweet things and I think we both shed a tear, but unfortunately, I blacked out and heard almost nothing :) until I blacked back in and caught,

“Noel, I never want to be without you. Will you marry me?” (I had him repeat and write down what he said afterward)

In that moment, I was the happiest and luckiest girl in the world. Without a doubt.

After taking some photos in the park, we got in our cars and started the drive back to LA. It was now 8:00a at this point, what a way to start the day! “What should we do today?” I was happy with anything, maybe get some coffee and hang out? Invite our friends over to celebrate? Life could not get any better at this point.

“Whatever you want”, he said.

We called our parents and then hopped on FaceTime with our good friends Justin and Sarah. We chatted about all. the. things. and were about to hang up and Sarah said, “have fun in Santa Barbara”. My foggy brain didn’t think anything of that and thought she just misspoke because she knew we were heading to San Diego later that week, so that’s probably what she meant. Then I saw the look on David’s face, pure excitement!

Little did I know he had planned a lovely weekend to Santa Barbara at the Belmond El Encanto!

This was the best weekend of my life.

Special Thanks

Stephanie Klotz
 | Photographer