Noah and Caraline

How We Met: Noah and I first met by chance and a local dance hall. I wasn’t looking for anyone and neither was he. I feel like we were the only sober people in the whole room. He asked me to dance, and I never passed up a good two step. By the end of the night I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

We had talked about mutual friends we knew that night, so I called one a couple days later. Our friend decided to embarrass me by calling Noah. That night we went on a date, and we immediately became inseparable.

Image 1 of Noah and Caraline

how they asked: The proposal all Started with where we first met. Noah’s best friend handed me an envelope, then the boys were gone. At each stop I got a love letter, a different colored rose and a clue. At each stop someone close to me happened be there waiting on me. I stopped at 12 places, all having a great meaning to us both. He sent me to get my nails done, to get a massage, and finally get my makeup and hair done.

At the last stop my best friend got coordinates and we started the drive. She drove me to the beach to a little path off the road. Down the path was Noah’s son Carsyn waiting for me. He held up a sign saying “Will you be my mommy?” and before I could even say yes and that I would love nothing more, he showed me a charm that says mom for my charm bracelet.

Carsyn then took my hand and led me around the corner down a path of rose petals to Noah. He is standing there under this giant Pergola he made for me. Noah hands me the last set of roses, intertwined roses, then he gets down on one knee and asks me the question I couldn’t wait to hear.

Image 2 of Noah and Caraline

I said YES! immediately following me saying yes to spending my life with my best friend, fireworks shot off in the sky. They were beautiful. Then the first song we ever danced to started to play. We danced to a perfect night and to a beautiful future marriage.

Image 3 of Noah and Caraline

Photos by: Caitlyn Wilson