Nneka and Roy

how we met

We met in Church in 2015, that’s 3 years before wedding. We asked for external confirmation from God because we both had feeling for each other already. After we fast and prayed, Roy’s brother had a dream. Then he told Roy about it and Roy made the proposal. My (Nneka) uncle also had a vision about his niece will get married. I had not told him I was in a relationship. We see that this is God’s approval for our relationship.

how they asked

Roy brought me to a restaurant in Park Lane, London. He planned with the manager before we arrived. We were having meal, then the manager came and said that we were the 100th customer that year, so he would give us a tour in the restaurant. We walked around the restaurant and came to its roof top, where we could see London’s skyline. Then Roy popped the question and went down on one knee. It was a surprise in an unusual setting, as he never takes me to fancy restaurant before that.

Special Thanks

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