Nitasha and Stephen

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our house

How We Met

We meet when he was just a crew member at Dunkin’ Donuts…I would always go there and order my coffee and always end up with it for free…I had a boyfriend at the time and it never crossed my mind that someday that man would be mine… my exboyfriend ended up cheating on me and that ended up ending very badly….I never wanted to love again. My best friend came home and she decided her and her boyfriend at the time wanted to go out to the bar…as much as I said no and as much as I didn’t want to go out I ended up saying yes. I went out with my friend that night and ended up bumping into that crew member from Dunkin’ Donuts…something about him just felt right and we have been inseparable ever since….we hung out for 4 months before we even made it “official” at that time in my life after 2 years of not daiting my heart and mind was made up…I FELT LIKE I COULD LOVE AGAIN

how they asked

I was getting ready to pour use some wine and getting ready to make some homemade Chinese food for our Valentine’s Day because we both had to work complete opposite shifts on Valentine’s Day. We were in the kitchen and I let my now fiancé open his gifts for Valentine’s Day. Then he says “my gift hasn’t arrived yet let me go and check the mail.” The entire time he had my gift…little did I know I was gonna he asked to be his wife….a few days before I found a picture of a kitten with a sign that said “will you marry my new daddy?” A few months before that we had rescued a baby kitten from our yard and in January 2017 she had broken her leg. It was just then I was in the kitchen and my fiancé comes out with the kitten and A sign that said “will you marry my new daddy…and there it was the most beautiful ring I have ever seen hanging from our precious baby’s collar I don’t think I have ever cried so much joy in my life. And of course I SAID YES!!!

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