Nita and Jordan

How We Met

Jordan and I met in October 2012 while both attending school in Seattle, WA. We had an instant connection and were quickly inseparable. Our families even met and shared Thanksgiving Dinner together a few weeks later, and as awkward as it could’ve gone–it went great! That winter, Jordan spent almost everyday after school with me at the Veterans’ Spinal Cord Hospital where my father was in intensive rehabilitation after a virus left him paralyzed. I knew then he was the one.

Flash forward to present time, and we find ourselves living in Sacramento, CA. We moved here in 2014 when Jordan was offered a job in his degree field, Environmental Science. I’m working as a bartender, at a nearby restaurant.

how they asked

We had been planning a trip to Maui since last Valentine’s Day. After almost a year of planning and anticipation, we couldn’t wait to spend time together in beautiful, tropical Hawaii. Jordan read about a secluded beach tucked away in a residential neighborhood, and we decided to spend our first morning of the trip trying to find it and taking pictures there before more people arrived. We found the beach, and luckily there was only one other local there. Jordan began taking pictures of me walking toward the water, when he told me to turn around and smile…

Image 1 of Nita and Jordan

I turned around and he was on one knee holding a blue box with a dainty diamond ring inside. He had the widest smile on his face and a glisten in his eyes that I had never seen in the years I’d known him. I was so shocked. I didn’t even let him speak before I blurted, “No! I mean, Yes! I mean, go ahead!”, and we both just laughed. He continued to speak the sweetest words neither of us will ever remember, and I responded with a “YES.”

Overwhelmed with joy and still in shock, I hugged him. When I looked up, I noticed a zoom lens camera to my left and said to Jordan, “Wait, who’s that guy?!”. Jordan laughed and waived to the man with the camera. It was the local we saw earlier. He introduced me and explained he was a photographer he had hired to capture this moment for us. We took a few more pictures on the beach, as we were finishing up a traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony proceeded onto the beach. It was perfect.

Oh, and our first activity as an engaged couple: feeding each other ice cream.

Image 2 of Nita and Jordan

Image 3 of Nita and Jordan

Image 4 of Nita and Jordan

Special Thanks

Ian Russell
 | Photographer
Blue Nile
 | Ring