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How We Met

It’s hard to believe that a small town like Ocala, Florida could be the setting for this story: a town so small yet, big enough that people can live five miles apart yet, still be separated for decades! Jaimin used to pick up his younger brother from Nita’s high school (we went to rival high schools!) and the occasional waves and smiles were exchanged through his prized Acura and tinted windows. But it wasn’t until Nita moved away to for college that the relationship began.

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During a summer vacation back from college, Nita and Jaimin ran into each other at a friend’s college graduation party and all it took was the exchange of cell phone numbers and a Facebook friend request to ignite the spark. Initially, Nita was distracted by the independence and aura of a college in New York City to realize that this guy was here to stay. Let’s just say, Jaimin’s persistence paid off!

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Luckily, Nita moved back to Florida for veterinary school and Jaimin began a career in Business IT not too far away. Weekend getaway excuses, mutual friend birthdays and hometown visits helped their hearts grow fonder.

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Now five years, the cutest dog, a doctorate degree and an analyst job later – Jaimin and Nita are indebted to the small town that brought them together and are ready to take on their new city of Atlanta together.

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how they asked

Being together on birthdays with family is nothing out of the ordinary for us. It was Jaimin’s mom’s birthday and I assumed that we were all convening at the Grand Bohemian in Downtown Orlando for dinner. I did find it a bit strange that for once, Jaimin was pressuring me to be on time and picked out the outfit that was appropriate to wear for this “fancy” dinner he arranged for his mom.

Jaimin told me he was still driving from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando and was going to be late for the dinner. As I rolled my eyes, I pulled into the hotel and a man valeted my car and took me into a private elevator from the lobby to the 6th floor.

I stepped out of the doors onto the rooftop of the hotel, glancing around to see rose petals scattered everywhere and Jaimin with a huge smile on his face waiting at the top of the stairs.

John Legend (our favorite) began to play as a saxophone artist appeared on the rooftop behind a rose petal heart surrounded by candles. I do not think I remember anything Jaimin said to me in the moment because my entire body was shaking. He got down on one knee, popped the question and I could not do anything else but embrace him and take in the sheer joy. Jaimin had worked incessantly to get the ring perfectly designed (I had been sending him little “hints” of ring designs a few months before) and it was absolutely stunning.

BUT – the surprises weren’t over. He whispered in my ear “turn around” and I literally expected something to fall from the sky or a huge display of fireworks. But, what I got was even better. My brother, his wife, Jaimin’s brother and both of our parents had appeared from nowhere and I was in complete shock.

A quick toast of champagne and we were off to Emeril’s Tchop-Chop for a private vegetarian dinner that Jaimin had worked tirelessly to create with the chef for our family. The food was the most amazing meal we all have ever shared and let’s not even TALK about the dessert.

But the weekend was not over yet! The next night, I was surprised by my closest friends at a tapas bar in Downtown Orlando. After dinner, I was led to the Amway Center Rooftop (go Magic!) only to be greeted by all of our best friends for a night of celebration under the Orlando skyline.

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