Nishat and Quazi

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How We Met

Quazi and I met in 2007 at my cousin’s wedding. I was 13 years old! We started a long distance relationship when we were very young, only seeing each other during the summertimes when I would visit the United States. He is my best friend and biggest supporter, and has been for 10 years.

how they asked

As we were leaving a dinner event, Quazi walked us to where he said he parked the car. As we turned a corner, he looked to the right and slowed down. First, I read my name in the distance, and started saying, “why does that sign have my name on it?” And then I realized what was happening!

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He got down on one knee, kind of in the middle of the sidewalk (oops!) and proposed right there. I was so surprised and in shock, but so happy.

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We walked towards all of the things he had set up. He told me he went to Staples to make the sign and laminate it himself, skipped an afternoon of work to pick up the balloons and brought his best friend to string it all together and hang it up. He also said someone tried to stop him because he didn’t have a permit to do it. However, since the guy realized he was about to propose, he let him set it up anyways (thank you!)

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It was a really beautiful night. I am so glad he brought his best friend along to take photographs and share the evening with us.

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Special Thanks

Anik Das
 | Photographer