Nisha and Shawn

How We Met

Nisha found Shanaka on Instagram’s “discover feed” and she slipped into his DMs. They exchanged flirty messages back and forth and met for drinks later that week. The evening was filled with belly laughs and deep conversations. We felt an instant connection and attraction, the chemistry was unparalleled to anything they had had before.

How They Asked

We were going to Bora Bora already for Nisha’s best friend’s birthday. The girls thought they were going to be doing a best friend photoshoot, but actually Shanaka had worked with the photographer beforehand to coordinate a surprise proposal during sunset. After the ladies took their photos, Shanaka and Nisha were up for their turn. During the shoot, Shanaka used a signal of putting his arm around her shoulder to let the photographer know when it was happening. Shanaka got down to one knee and popped the question. Nisha caught completely off guard excitedly said yes and then hilariously followed with “it would be my pleasure!” (Fun fact: Nisha is a huge Chick-Fil-Afan)