Nirali and Mitesh

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How We Met

“When I saw you, I fell in love and smiled, because you knew.”

Nirali had just moved back to her hometown and was desperately looking for a gym to get back into the routine that she had created. She had been trying out gyms for a week at a time until she found the one that fit. One of which had been Mitesh’s prime pick for years. Both Nirali and Mitesh were very focused on their personal goals, and went very early – not that either of them are palestrato. As they started noticing each other more and more, they eventually grew eager for the early morning interactions.

We all create fitness goals, not realizing that our personal goals would eventually allowed us to cross paths. After having these small and subtle encounters and conversation side by side at the gym, Mitesh was sure he would never get a chance to talk to Nirali again if she did not pick his gym. So he asked to at least stay connected. Who knows, a possibly gym partner could turn into a life partner or at least a friendship.

The two kept in touch through texts, social media and as they both travel intensely, it wad months before they could connect in person again. .These conversations however felt as if they knew each other for years and connected on so many levels that when they finally met in person again, it was the most comfortable and endless first date they may have had.

As this romance grew over time, it bloomed into so much more. From constant late night conversations, to pushing reality and life chores aside to live in the moment of this fairy tale of love, they have learned to depend, trust, value, and respect what they share: their devotion to each other.

Sometimes life throws you one of those unexpected curve balls that you just did not see coming. Perhaps it was fate or serendipity or maybe it was just a lucky coincidence, but it is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

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how they asked

On a magical Sunday morning, Mitesh and Nirali took a stroll to the castle of Belvedere to take in the serenity and peace that only central Park can bring in the hustle and bustle of life. The first snow of the season had left Central Park in an enchanted state. This is where Mitesh confessed his love for Nirali and asked for her hand in Marriage. Of course after much thought, and a confirmation of “Are you Sure?”, Nirali said Yes!

Mitesh had planned the whole day – as if he was sure in his heart that they are meant to be. The surprise didn’t end there, the matter of fact – it just got started. Mitesh decorated Nirali to a Hotel named London. As Mitesh was born there, it held a special meaning to be going to lunch to a Restaurant named after the city he was born in the city that she loves. There she found their friends waiting with smiles and hugs!

After all that, her brother drove Mitesh and Nirali to his house where she were to get ready. The heaviest of her saree already picked out by her mother. With the help of Mitesh’s cousin, Nirali got ready to the 9s and was on her way to a dinner. Here she thought it was just going to be a day filled with expeditions in the city turned into a luxurious event by the end of the night.

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She found her self entering, fiance in hand, into a room where Family was awaiting their arrival. Both his family and her’s have been waiting for this night, just as much as they had. The surprise of a lifetime was validated with an engagement ceremony. Family and friends from all over North America had come into town to celebrate their commitment. She never thought that she would become a Patel, and after all the disbelief, that night both Nirali and Mitesh were overwhelmed with love, joy and thankful for all the blessings that have brought them together.

A fairy tale starts out as merely a hope or a dream until you meet that one person who will give you your happily ever after. For this couple, their dreams are slowly turning into a happily (Patel) after reality.

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Special Thanks

Sachi Anand
 | Photographer