Nino and Lauren

How We Met

Like so many love stories, ours started in high school. I went to an all-boys private high school and Lauren went to our “sister” school, all girls and private. She was close friends with my younger sister and I had the biggest open crush on her. We would jokingly tease each other but neither one of us was brave enough to make an actual attempt at a relationship. Fast-forward 9 years and Lauren and I reconnected, for good this time! Our relationship moved very quickly because it was fueled by years of mutual attraction and a feeling of “the one that got away”. It was a short 9 months after our first date that I proposed to her. I remind her daily about how grateful I am now that I have her and how sorry I am for all of the lost seconds we missed out on since high school.

how they asked

Even though Lauren knew I was going to propose soon, she had no idea where or when it would be. At the beginning of August, Lauren took a 3 week trip across Europe with some of her girlfriends from law school before their next academic year started. Immediately when she left for this trip, I secretly asked her parents for permission to fly to Europe, surprise Lauren, and ask her to marry me.

Nino's Proposal in Monaco

With their blessing and help from her friends, I made the arrangements to propose in Monaco, a place where both of us have always dreamt of visiting. My arrival was a complete surprise to her! After coordinating with the staff at Hotel Hermitage, their florist created a beautiful arrangement of white rose petals, long stem red roses, and ambiance candles on my terrace. After a romantic meal with Lauren, I told her I forgot something in my room.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Monaco

She accompanied me upstairs at which point I held her very close to me, face to face, and walked her backward onto the terrace so she could not see the flower setup until the last moment. A photographer waited for us in the corner of the balcony and captured priceless candid photos of the proposal and a few staged shots after she said yes. Our trip continued to Paris where we further celebrated our love.

Where to Propose in Monaco

Special Thanks

Hotel Hermitage
 | Planning
Richard Gaggioli
 | Photographer