Ninh and Seth

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How We Met

Almost 6 years ago, I came to America as an exchange student. I lived in a small town in Nebraska with my host family. Seth is my host family’s cousin. Although we went to different high schools, we still saw each other several times during holidays. Prom season came around and I didn’t like any of the boys at my high school. I asked him and somehow he said yes (I think he was being too nice and didn’t know how to say no BUT it worked in my favor!).

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We had a great time but didn’t start dating officially until February 6th, 2014. 3 months after we started dating, he had to go to Basic Training and AIT. We were writing letters for 3 months and finally got to see each other after 6 months. Since then, we have been through a lot together.

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how they asked

We were going to see Ed Sheeran and Disney World in 2017 after graduation. I dropped so many hints that I would like those two to be the places for the proposal… But… Seth insisted this is the only thing I wouldn’t have it my way. He popped the question right after my graduation ceremony. We were standing in front of the fountain for the reception, all of sudden, he was already down on his knee. I was so happy because he picked the day when my family, his family, and all of my friends were there to witness it. 100% suggest that all the ladies out there let the men work this on his own ;)

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