Nina and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I first met at a bar that we both worked at back in 2014. I was a server he was a cook, and we never thought we would end up where we are today. In February 2015 we made it official. Tyler started his career as a carpenter (which he is now building our dream house) and I started my long journey of nursing school.

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I just graduated this May with my Bachelor’s degree in nursing and let me tell you that I could not have made it through nursing school without Tyler by my side. In the beginning, most people doubted our relationship, asking us why we were trying to date, he was too young for me, and our relationship wouldn’t last. Here we are three years later, building a house, and planning a wedding.

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how they asked

On June 30th, 2018, we were at Tyler’s parents annual Fourth of July party. After waiting for my family to arrive, Tyler’s mom asked me to go look at a dress for vacation, and I was completely oblivious to the whole situation. His mom, my sister, and my friend Alyssa started making our way downstairs to the basement where I then took the time to grab a drink, and I had no clue Alyssa was taping at this point.

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I walked out the back door and became very confused when I saw everyone standing by the beach until I walked closer and Tyler was the only one standing on the beach with the biggest smile on his face. From there my mind went blank as I looked at him in complete shock when I realized what was about to happen. After it happened I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, well I still can’t. I cannot believe I get to spend forever with my best friend, my ride or die, and my person.

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