Nina and Thomas

how we met

Our love story begins at a fundraiser for homelessness, aptly named Bundles of Love. Thomas recognized Nina from a video promoting the event, which he admits he watched on repeat to admire her. “We had such chemistry that people at the fundraiser were laughing at our starry-eyed silliness”. Nina went home that night and told her friend Lisi, “I just met the man I’m going to marry.”

They intended to meet up for breakfast on Christmas Eve. Breakfast turned into collecting stones on the beach in the rain, an afternoon walk in the woods, an improvised piano duet, and pretty soon it was dinnertime. Thomas fell in love with Nina’s gnocchi. They spent the evening packaging and distributing bundles of love to homeless people. Their first date was 14 hours long, and they still can’t get enough of one another!

how they asked

The night that Thomas proposed was going to be a regular date night at Nina’s favorite restaurant. Little did she know, Thomas was orchestrating a flash-mob. No sooner had they ordered dessert than into the restaurant paraded a musical procession of 20 of their dearest friends. Roses and candles in hand, they gathered around a stunned Nina. La Vie En Rose filled the room. Like something out of a movie, Thomas scooped her up on top of the bench amidst the crowd. He proclaimed his lifelong devotion, and she squealed a great big yes!

Special Thanks

Make Up By Erica Harris
 | Makeup Artist