Nina and Thomas' Marriage Proposal at Angkor Wat

How We Met: Yangon – Myanmar, February 14th 2012

Thomas and I were introduced the evening Thomas arrived in Myanmar, where he relocated for work and I had been already living for two years. He had just gotten off a plane after a 36 hours journey all the way from the Caribbean (where he celebrated his mothers nuptials!) and I was just on my way to babysit the daughter of friends who were in town. Although it was actually Valentine’s day, the first meeting was rather quick and not very romantic. Sorry, no film-like ‘love at first sight’ story to tell here! At first, I actually tried to hook Thomas up with a friend of mine but soon realized I preferred to keep him to myself. It took a while but eventually I decided to take matters into my own hands and went for it… successfully! Probably years from now, the discussion about who really made the first step will still be a ‘controversial’ subject when telling our grandchildren about how we met but what we both agree on is that we were inseparable since the night we shared our first dance (and kiss!) in a local bar in Yangon, Myanmar.

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how they asked: Angkor Archeological Park, Cambodia – January 28th 2015

Imagine this incredibly romantic movie where the guy doesn’t just go down on one knee but organizes this amazing, treasure hunt-like event building up to ‘it’ where the girl gets to go shopping, gets pampered and just gets one surprise after another… Well, that’s exactly what my proposal was like! Incredibly romantic and straight out of a Hollywood movie you’d see in the cinema!

We were living in Siem Reap (Cambodia) at the time and Thomas took me out for lunch to my favorite Japanese restaurant. We always planned little ‘surprise experiences’ for one another so I just assumed this was one of those surprises and I was in for a treat. What I just didn’t realize was what a huge treat I was in for and what an incredible surprise was waiting for me at the end of the day…

After lunch, Thomas excused himself to the bathroom but never returned. Instead the waiter came up to me a couple of minutes later with an envelope which turned out to the be the first clue on my treasure hunt through Siem Reap. I got whisked away in a local ‘tuk tuk’ and spent the afternoon picking out a dress in a designer boutique, enjoying a massage, getting my hair done and relaxing in a luxury hotel. I was of course a little suspicious but nothing prepared me for what was still to come. The last clue took me (in a vintage Mercedes!) to a beautiful traditional Cambodian wooden house within the Angkor Archaeological Park, just minutes away from the world-famous Angkor Wat Temple. When I arrived, I saw Thomas standing on a small balcony surrounded by hundreds of candles. I was greeted with a glass of Champagne and before I could tell Thomas all about my amazing afternoon, a guitar player appeared out of nowhere and started playing ‘All of me’ by John Legend. Thomas took my hand and I started to realize ‘it’ was actually happening. I answered with ‘yes, a thousand times yes’ as soon as he asked and it as definitely one of the happiest, if maybe also most surreal, moments of my life.

We met in Myanmar, got engaged in Cambodia, now live in Laos and will be getting married next year in Italy – its a truly international love!

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