Nina and Joey

How We Met

Joey and I grew up in St. Pete, but didn’t cross paths until 2012, after we had both spent a couple years living away from our hometown and then eventually moved back. We were introduced very briefly at our favorite bar, the Mandarin Hide, a speakeasy-style cocktail bar we had both been to too many times to count. The next night we were both invited, by a mutual friend, to attend a Sister Hazel concert in a nearby park. This particular park is known for being frequented by many homeless, so it was an unusual place for a concert but ended up being a truly fun experience. We danced to the song “All For You” – and the rest is history.

how they asked

Joey is one of the most creative people I know. He is also a schemer – any time he can do something to make me laugh, he does. But he is also very private, so while I knew he had it in him to plan something spectacular, I also thought he might want the moment to be intimate.

On Friday, Oct. 23, he told me we were going to a work happy hour that just so happened to be by the part where we met, Williams Park in Downtown St. Pete. He said all the right things to keep me from getting suspicious, knowing that I am kind of a control freak and like to know every detail when planning outings. As we neared the happy hour location, he asked to take a walk in the park. In the pavilion of the park, he had all our friends and family secretly waiting to surprise me. They jumped out, serenaded us with Sister Hazel’s “All For You” while we danced, and then he proposed. It was the most romantic and creative idea he could have thought of- and he pulled it off! What makes it even more special is that this park, which hasn’t had the best place in our hometown’s history, now has a new story line of finding love in unexpected places.

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