Nina and James

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How They Asked

It was the most perfect day and I’ll always believe that ! It started on a beautiful Sunday morning waking up to the love of my life and like every morning, it is an absolute dream He said “Let me take you out for breakfast to your favorite waffle place, on me” I though that was the sweetest gesture so before jumping up to get ready we enjoyed each other’s company. After breakfast, we can home and went on our Sunday as per usual. Around about 5:30 PM he said: “let’s go for a drive”. Not thinking anything of it I agreed and so we went. We love on the Northern Beaches in Sydney so we are surrounded by many gorgeous beaches. Except for this time he took me to a beach we don’t go to all the time…his favorite beach, where he grew up ! We parked and he suggested we find a quiet spot for the two of us. We set up and just enjoyed the views and each other’s company for a while. He then told me he “left his phone in the car” so off he went to get his “phone” haha.

Unbeknownst to me still, he lay down next to me again and started talking about our future, looking at the gorgeous houses on the cliffs overlooking the beach and how one day we’ll make it there and it’s “good to think about the future and our dreams”…he then subtly got on one knee pulled out the ring box from his shoe where he hid it haha and then asked me to marry him. I was absolutely shocked, my heart dropped, next thing I knew I completely just catapulted myself on him, didn’t even look at the ring and was screaming! Sand was going everywhere, I couldn’t believe it…of course, I said yes a million times. It was the most perfect moment. He then said he’s taking me out to dinner, I had no idea where just that I had to get dressed up l, which of course any girl loves to do haha. So I put on the perfect dress that I was keeping for a special occasion and getting engaged was the most perfect reason for it! He took me to Jonah’s on Whale beach at sunset, it overlooked the entire beach/headland..and oh what a view it was! I was on cloud 9 the entire night !!! As the sun went down, we had a waiter come, take us to the balcony to look at what was a full blood moon !! Wow wow wow !! Later on came to realize it was the longest full moon in 8 years and illuminated for 15 and a half hours “marking the beginning of a brand new cycle” So when I say it was the most perfect day, I actually meant it !! ♥️♥️

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