Nina and Jacob

How We Met

Jake and I met through mutual friends. He had just left the military and going back to college, and I was in my last year of college. We were at a graduation party and kinda hit it off from there. He then came over to my apartment for Memorial Day, where I lived with five girls… that was the true test.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Grand Canyon

Proposal Ideas The Grand Canyon

My friends loved him and we honestly have been inseparable ever since. He told his best friend that he was going to marry me, eight years later and that is going to be true! We love to take on the crazy world together and as you can see below, explore and travel as much as we can. Can not wait to let the adventure continue! 9.21.19

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Grand Canyon

How They Asked

It all started in college and have been together for almost 7 years. Every one of our friends thought that it would happen each year. Until finally Jake had a plan. We went to the Grand Canyon, both of our first time there, where we camped and hiked. The first day we set out on the Canyon and he had every intention to propose but it was so busy with people. He decided he was going to improvise. He wrote down the words; Nina… Will… You… Marry… Me… on pieces of paper. He told me to, go look out into the Canyon (he knows I like to take Insta pics), so I thought, wow he’s really into taking photos today. Little did I know, behind my back he had the piece of paper up with the many different backdrops. Later that night back at the camp next to the campfire under the stars, he handed me his phone with an album titled Love. I saw the first photo and instantly started to cry.

I continued to swipe through and when I got to the end he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I could ever have imagined. The box even had a light! It was the most perfect proposal that I could have ever imagined. To top it all off when we got home from the trip all my friends and family were at my house! I cried all over again. I guess it was worth the wait! We plan to get married in September 2019 in Marin County. We cannot wait for this magical day!

Special Thanks

Elise Aileen
 | Photographer