Nina and Frank

Nina's Proposal in Roger Williams Park Zoo

How We Met

Frank was the first friend I made freshman year in high school. We were bussed to a half-day aquaculture program where our friendship grew. He became a close friend that I went to with any struggle and loved hanging out doing anything with. We have even sat and watched paint dry together and had fun doing it. Frank was there for me through a bad break-up and continued to be my best friend until finally one day I realized I was an idiot and the love of my life had been sitting right in front of me patiently waiting for years.

How They Asked

Back in April, we bought tickets to go to the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo. We had wanted to go for years and decided if we bought the tickets in advance we would finally go. We walked through the entire zoo enjoying all of the carved and painted pumpkins.

When we came to the very end Frank pulled me over to a gorgeous display with a sign in book and he asked me “What does that pumpkin say?” And I looked up to find a carved and painted pumpkin that said: “Will you marry me, Nina Beth?” With frank down on one knee. Completely shocked and overjoyed I said yes!

Nina and Frank's Engagement in Roger Williams Park Zoo

Special Thanks

Adriana Medina
 | Photographer