Nina and Edward

Image 1 of Nina and Edward

I had just taken the NYS Bar Exam. I had spent months preparing and studying and Ed was more than supportive throughout the whole experience. During Bar Prep, we were invited to a wedding in Ireland, but since it was only three days before I would be taking the exam, I knew I couldn’t go. Ed went without me and the plan was that I would meet him in Copenhagen. I was SO tired from the flight and honestly just wanted to go to bed. But Ed was insistent on exploring the city. It was about dinner time so I figured, alright we can go somewhere nice for dinner and celebrate the bar being over. We took the metro to Nyhavn, the longest bar in Europe. It was so picturesque and I literally said to Ed, “Hang on, I really want to get a picture for Insta.” He then asked me if I wanted to take a picture with him. I was like yeah sure, hang on. I was snapping pics of the scenery and he had asked a complete stranger to take our picture. Ed’s standing next to me and next thing I know, he’s moving away from me. I was completely shocked to see him getting down on one knee. The only words I could say were “Oh my God!” over and over. I was crying SUCH happy tears. It was literally the best day of my entire life. We ended up going to a really nice dinner and as we were looking at the pictures deciding which ones we would send to everyone back home, we realized that the girl we asked to take our picture also got videos! It was honestly the best – I never thought that I would have such a perfect proposal or that Ed would pull it off so flawlessly!