Nina and Connor

How We Met

We met at a work conference while we were living in two different cities (Austin & Chicago). Connor was actually planning a move up to Chicago, where I was already living and we’ve been together since then!

How They Asked

We flew out to my hometown in California for a family event in October 2019 and took a day trip to Lake Tahoe with close friends of ours. Our friend is a photographer and mentioned that he needed to stop at the the lake to take some photos. We all got out of the car and walked out to the dock, where Connor then asked me to marry him! We celebrated by having lunch with our friends and heading back home. As we were pulling up to my parents house there were about 50 people in the driveway – Connor had planned a surprise party with our closest friends and family to celebrate our engagement. His family flew all the way from New York to be there for our special day!


Special Thanks

Nikk Nguyen Photo
 | Photography