Nina and Colby

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How We Met

Music is a huge part of both of our lives, so it seems only fitting that Colby and I met in high school choir nearly 8 years ago. Though I had been in color guard all my high school years it was my very first year in choir, and because I was a senior I was automatically placed in Concert Choir. Colby was a junior that year and he was in Concert Choir as well. His older sister, Whitney, had been in color guard with me my freshman year– so I knew of her brother, Colby, but had never met him. During the choir kickoff in the summer, we were properly introduced to each other by mutual friends. Then the school year started– and Colby, I, and those friends ended up forming a fundraising group for an upcoming car wash. Being a newbie, whenever I came across questions about the fundraiser I reached out to Colby via Facebook until finally, we built up the courage to get each other’s phone numbers. Little by little, we started asking small questions about each other rather than about the fundraiser. With time my crush for Colby started to develop and come homecoming week I was really hoping he would ask me to be his date. Each day that week there was a dress-up theme. On “Princess Day,” Colby asked to borrow my tiara and he wore it for all of the choir that day (talk about giving teen-aged girl butterflies)! On Sci-Fi day, he was one of the only people that complimented me on my nerdy space girl outfit.

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But even with all those giddy moments, I come to find out Colby would be going to homecoming with one of his friends. After all, he was an oblivious high school boy! With some sadness, I made my own white mum for my senior year of high school (and hey, it turned out beautiful). The car wash approached a few weeks after that, and not surprisingly I ended up having color guard obligations that day. After I didn’t show at the fundraiser, Colby reached out to me saying he had been looking forward to me being there. After getting a little confidence boost from his sister who had a feeling I liked him (from my sappy song-lyric Facebook statuses), he asked if I would like to go on a date with him sometime. Excitedly, I responded yes to a dinner-and-movie date that next weekend. We had lots of time to kill between our dinner and the movie, so we walked around the town square hand-in-shaky-hand playing the Question Game until he stopped to face me and ask me to be his girlfriend. Now, anytime I get caught off-guard I say ridiculous things (…remember that for later…) so I responded to him with “huh, like, starting now?” and then changed my answer to “yes, I’d love to!” And I’ve loved every goofy, sweet, sad, angry, happy, amazing moment I have had with him since.

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how they asked

For years, Colby and I have both dreamed of going to Iceland to see its beautiful scenery in person. Then one day we got lucky and found great flight deals for the summer so we booked the trip almost immediately! We then began looking at tours to go on and places to see while we would be there. One of Colby’s cousins is a photographer and I frequently see her work via Facebook, and I had always wanted to do a couple’s shoot with Colby. He finally caved and thought it would be fun to arrange a photo shoot in Iceland!

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Due to my love of travel, I also follow an account called Flytographer on Instagram and knew that they do shoots all around the world, so we looked more into it and booked with them. Though I had never spoken to Colby about it, I remember fantasizing of an Iceland proposal a few months before the trip—but then due to family health reasons and other life stressors I had accepted (read: assumed), a proposal would not be in the stars for us in Iceland. The day of our shoot we were running late because we had mixed up the start time with the end time. Luckily we had gotten ready early and noticed our timing mistake early on. We rushed out the door and, praise the lord, there were two taxis just down the street from our Airbnb.

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After a few minutes of sorting out with the driver where we wanted to go, he took us to our location and we arrived only five minutes late. Of course, the whole situation of getting there had stressed me out so I didn’t notice any signs of the nervousness Colby had felt that morning. We introduced ourselves to the photographer, who was not yet in on Colby’s plan, and our photo shoot began right away. I shook off my stress the best I could and focused on looking genuinely happy and relaxed for the pictures. Well, I could only do so much– but then about 15 minutes into our hour-long shoot Colby and I were up on this beautiful hill, facing each other because we had just kissed for the camera. Suddenly, Colby casually says “hold on…” and starts taking the ring box out of his vest pocket.

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The photographer realized what was happening and began snapping pictures, but my mind only focused on Colby. It was only when the box was right there in front of me that I realized what was actually happening. I was in shock! “Is this really happening?” I babbled, with my hands on my cheeks. Colby beamed, “Yes, it is. Will you marry me?” Though my mind was reeling with how this had all been pulled off as a complete surprise, I managed to respond to him. “Absolutely, YES!” I was full of joy and love. I’m not a crier but my eyes were tearing up with all the profound emotions I was feeling.

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The photographer congratulated us and offered to give us a few minutes to ourselves. The rest of the photo shoot we were just bursting with happiness. Afterward, back in the city we got ice cream, walked around, and enjoyed an amazing meal. It was the most perfect and blissful day! We were both just letting it all sink in. And though I’ve been dreaming about this moment for a very long time, something about his demeanor and pure love and care that day assured me that he would make an amazing husband. We could not seem to wipe the smiles off our faces! We made our calls to our family that same day, but I’m glad I got to cherish a few more days of being with just him enjoying our newly-engaged bliss before we got back to tell the rest of the world! Beautiful Iceland will now always have a special place in our hearts.

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Special Thanks

Ernir Eyjolfsson
 | Photographer