Nina and Clover

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How We Met

we met through a mutual friend, whom lived across the street from me. I remember like it was yesterday the first time we were introduced. Clover looked up with his big brown eyes, and a kind smile and quickly with a soft voice, gave a quick wave and said hello. Then quickly looked right back down and went back to polishing his chrome bike (bicycle) And I knew then, underneath the big sweatshirt, his kind eyes, that he was different, that he was good, that he was the one.. and I was right. After the long weekend before school started, a group of us went out for a little fun and clover came a long.

It was late, and I was past curfew, so like the true gentlemen he is, he offered his bike for me to ride home. making me promise to have back without a scratch on it, before school the next day. on the way home that night riding fast, I end up getting struck by a car. I was alright but the bike laid there, in the middle of the intersection with a warped wheel and badly banged up. by the time I had reached home my mom had already heard what happen and so did clover, from a few neighbours. not upset at all about the bike, he repeatedly asked if I was alright. after a brief conversation on the phone. clover told me the next day, I could make it up to him by going out for pizza lol..

We went out for that slice of pizza, September, 8,1998 and have been inseparable ever since. it was love at first sight. Its been 18 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, and 5 days and we still feel the same way.

how they asked

Coming up with the master plan and keep it a surprise was the hardest, he says. so he called in the big guns my cousin, whom i love like a sister. being that she getting married this year, she called me up and asked for me to go and check out a spot for her cocktail hour, for her wedding. drinks and little girls night to follow. So of course, I bought it and got my hair done, nails done and a new outfit.

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Clover proposed to me, Monday, December 5, 2016 in Toronto,Ontario, on a private roof top, at a lavish Toronto hot spot known as, Chez Lavelle. Clover had everything planned out since August of 2016.

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From designing a custom 6 carat diamond ring, to finding a memorable spot, even hiring a private guitarist to perform Bruno Mars – marry you.

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Rose petals, candles shaped into hearts every little detail was all him. Even a romantic dinner to follow, at Harbour Sixty, a steak house, where we were seated at a private table, with candle light, roses , champagne, and a exquisite meal. He even had messages from friends and family on his phone and of the past months of all the planning. He paid attention to every last detail. it will almost be a month, and my heart is still smiling.

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Special Thanks

bruna sanches
 | photographer
jordan hart
 | singer