Nina and Chris

Image 1 of Nina and Chris

How We Met

Our relationship had bit of an interesting beginning. While we met in an ordinary way (out at a bar with some friends), we were living in two different cities (he in NYC, me in Worcester, MA), so our relationship started out as a long distance one. That being said, after we met we never spent more than 10 days apart. We would take turns traveling to and from NYC and MA until I finished college.

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On breaks we would basically live together in one place or the other. As soon as I graduated we moved in together. In (almost) 6 years together we still have not spent more than 10 days without seeing each other, and hopefully, we never will. The photo is not of when we met, but is one of our favorite photos.

Image 3 of Nina and Chris

how they asked

The first time Chris and I discussed our wedding was while slow dancing to the song Postcards from Italy by Beirut while we were at Bonnaroo Music Festival (it should be noted this was about 7 months into our relationship). Fast forward 5 years to almost 2 months ago. The song had, over the past 5 years, become solidified as “our song”. Beirut was going to be playing at a venue close to our apartment in Brooklyn, so we decided to go, Chris had been acting a little too casual, but I didn’t suspect anything as he had booked a decoy romantic couples trip to upstate New York for a few weekends later.

About 5–6 songs in the band started to play our song. We kissed and were swaying back and forth when he suddenly leaned over behind me. I figured he was getting his beer or his water bottle, but when he hadn’t immediately come back to be with me I started getting indignant. I turned around to tell him just to leave it and enjoy the song with me, and there he was, on one knee looking up at me with a box in his hand.

Image 4 of Nina and Chris

I don’t remember much about the next 3–5 minutes. It was all a surreal, happy and perfect blur. I remember putting the ring on, kissing him, dancing and hugging, people coming up to us and telling us congratulations and how cute it was to watch. When the song ended he told me he had arranged with the venue for us to be able to go to the VIP tent and watch the rest of the concert from there. We got to sit, holding hands, basking in each others company and enjoying the show from about 10 feet from the stage.

After the concert we couldn’t even make it home without calling my family, his family, and our closest friends. By the end of the night my face hurt from smiling so much, but I couldn’t stop. It wouldn’t have mattered how he chose to propose, but I’m happy it was this way. It was the most perfect night. The first photo was pre-engagement, the second photo was from right after he proposed when we were sitting in the VIP tent.

Image 5 of Nina and Chris

The third photo was one taken for our cat Wedge’s Instagram page (@thewedgeis). It was very well received haha.

Image 6 of Nina and Chris