Nina and Amilcar

How We Met

In the month of March 2013, was when it all began. Amilcar and I were both softball/baseball players and happen to practice at the same batting cage. Some days our teams would practice hitting together and I would always notice how chivalrous this one handsome gentleman was that would always hold the batting cage door for me and we would always lock eyes. The eyeballing and chivalrous encounters continued for a few weeks until one day my softball best friends decided to step up my game. They told me to go up to him and have an actual conversation. I, being half too embarrassed and half antiquated, told them “oh no no no, if he wants to talk to me he could come right ahead.”

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After they rolled their eyes at my foolishness, they dared me to make a move— knowing that Nina Cruz almost never backs down from a dare. The dare was to write my name on a paper with my number and slip it to him. I modified the dare a bit and grabbed the first thing handy at the bitting cages—a PINK post it and started writing, BUT I gave them the post it to give to him and I ran for dear life to my car. A few days later I get a friend request on Facebook. Guess who it was? Mr. Chivalrous. He’d like my pictures, I’d like his. The game continued. Until one day he went for it. I got a WhatsApp message from this Mr.Chivalrous, he asked me to a movie and the rest is history. (Yes he’s still just as chivalrous?)

Nina and Amilcar's Engagement in Matheson Hammock Park

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How They Asked

Fast forward 5 years of dating, 3 1/2 years of long distance, and a whole lot of smiles, laughs and hard times—we made it. Amilcar moved down here to Miami, May 2018 to finish his last year of college at home. Now that he was down here and we were living like a normal couple, enjoying each other and spending quality time. We decided to do date day/night every week. Saturday, June 2, 2018 was the best “date day” of all. He decided to take me to Matheson Hammocks Park for a surprise picnic. Knowing his romanticism, I knew it’d be amazing. However, it surpassed all of my expectations and DEFINITELY caught me by surprise. I hadn’t been to this park since I was a little girl so I didn’t remember what it how the park was set up. We drove around looking for this “beautiful view” that the Clark people told him there was, PERFECT for a picnic. We “looked” for a bit after awhile, he noticed I was getting hangry haha. We picked a spot and began to enjoy. After we enjoyed our picnic which included Kampai sushi and prosecco— both my favorites, we went for a walk.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Matheson Hammock Park

He began to tell me how he wanted to find that “beautiful view” the park people were telling him about. We looked and a few minutes later he said: “I don’t get why we can’t find it, so people just come here to take pregnancy pictures, and set up random tables!” I looked and saw some woman doing there pregnancy shoot and then I saw a random table with pictures and champagne set up. Being the noisy romantic girl that I am, I told him to come snoop with me. As we approach I see these two dudes taking pictures of me. But I just gave them a “what the heck” face and kept walking. As we approach, it starts to hit me……pictures of us….. a sign that says “AN18”, champagne, uh oh is this happening?

I checked his pockets immediately haha he laughed and went for his sock and got down on one knee. IN LOVE!!!!!! With him, the moment, that ring everything?!!!!! He had hired a photographer (those creep guys I thought had the wrong people) so we went around the park taking pictures trying to hold the tears together. Those guys ended up being the sweetest, by the way, haha, not creepy!!! ….. but wait there’s more!!!! We got into the car in pure bliss and he’s like what do you want to do. Still, in shock, I was speechless! Haha, he goes ok well good thing you’re speechless because I have it all planned. When we arrived at the destination, SURPRISE…. my entire family and friends were there!!! It was Magical i? I feel beyond blessed !!!

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