Nilu and Don

Nilu's Proposal in Hallstatt, Austria

How We Met

A summer weekend back in July 2014, just before I was to start grad school, I was in New York City with my best friend. That Saturday night we met up with one of her old friends who happened to be visiting the city from Connecticut. When we arrived at the bar, he had also brought along another friend. More the merrier right? I knew that weekend was special as I was about to take a major step in my life & career by going back to school. But little did I know that this weekend will change my life forever not just professionally but also very personally. That other friend to tag along ended up been the love of my life, my partner in crime, my soulmate, my forever love and my soon-to-be husband.

how they asked

Our love story is a little beyond 3 years and just 2 months ago, we decided we wanted to be together forever. On a much-anticipated trip to Prague and Austria last September, we visited a little town named Hallstatt. This was by a lake surrounded by the Austrian Alps and just a few minutes away was one of the most spectacular viewing spots in the Alps. We grabbed lunch on the lake, surrounded by a breathtaking range of mountains. We then drove about 10 minutes to where we can get the gondolas that took us to the 5 fingers viewing platform. When I was standing at the edge of the mountain, enjoying the best view I’ve ever seen (sorry NYC, but I love you too), he takes off his jacket and turns around with a little wooden box in his hand & a t-shirt that says “will you marry me?”.

My heart just stopped! I had no clue that I was leaving that mountain top engaged to my soulmate. It was so magical that I wouldn’t even have dreamt of been proposed to up in the Austrian Alps, surrounded by the most spectacular view ever! There he was on one knee, holding a heart-shaped diamond ring, asking me to be his forever!!

As lost for words as I was, just nodding my head yes, we seal it with a kiss. Verbal yes and placing the ring on my finger were afterthoughts for both of us, but we caught up with the formalities after a short moment of celebration. People around us were wishing us well as we were hiking back to the gondola. A girl from Bulgaria gave us a chocolate saying that we should share this sweet token of celebration like we would share our lives forever from that day forward. After descending in the gondola, we got back in our car and drove to the lake for a boat ride at sunset. It was my fairy tale moment and I will cherish it forever.