Niky and Nick

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How We Met

I met Nick at a very strange time in my life. I had spent so much time just existing and recently suffered a huge heartbreak. I decided that it was my time to be alive. I had a girls night planned with some friends. Before going downtown we decided to stop and see our best friend from nursing school on campus. He was having a small party and we decided to stay a bit and wait for the other girls to be ready to go downtown. I found myself overly dressed and feeling a little awkward. I began talking to a group of people…and there was Nick. Nick and I began talking and he stopped the conversation and asked “Have you ever wanted to date a Nick?”, which looking back was very smooth. He was asking because he always thought it would be so funny to date a Niky due to our names.

We got a call that the other girls had to cancel and Thank God they did because I spent the rest of the night talking with Nick about life, nursing and medical physics ( I was so excited to find someone on my level of Nerd). We both had recently had a heartbreak and made it clear that we weren’t looking for a relationship. We spent the next few weeks hanging out and became friends. On 11/2/13 Nick asked if I wanted to go to Dinner and a Movie. I of course said yes and asked my brother Andrew if he also wanted to go. Andrew looked at me and said “absolutely not, that is a date”. I was in disbelief and spent half of our first date not knowing or believing it was an actual date.

Nick noticed I was cold and asked if I wanted to wear his jacket… My face must have been pretty funny because it was then that I realized that it felt like a date. Fast forward to December 2013. I was driving home from hanging out with Nick and the song “I cant help falling in love with you” came on my Pandora station. I instantly began to cry (happy tears) because I realized that although I had promised that I wasn’t going to fall for Nick, it was happening and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Luckily, Nick had been feeling the same way because he asked me to be his girlfriend shortly after that moment. After a month or so of us officially dating, I had a terrible day at work. Nick invited me over, had dinner and ice cream for me and made plans for us to watch a movie in his apartment. I fell asleep during the movie but was still slightly awake. I felt nick place his hand of my shoulder to feel my temperature, which must have felt cold because he covered me up and kissed my forehead. At that exact moment, I knew I loved him.

how they asked

August 5th is my grandmother’s (who I was very close with and she had passed away) birthday. Knowing I would be sad, Nick had a whole day planned of fun activities that would “help get my mind off of things”. Earlier in the day we went to a local winery with our 2 dogs for a fundraising event. After that we went to a batting cage where we would love to go. He had a beautiful dinner planned at The Cork in North East, PA. It was our first time there but it was perfect.

After dinner he had asked if I wanted to take a walk around our old campus, Penn State Behrend. Our graduating year they had a monument built and they offered the chance to buy a brick to forever be a part of campus. We periodically go to campus and check out our brick. When we got to the monument, I went to look for our brick and Nick told me to look at a brick that must have come out of the ground. I turned around and he handed me a brick. I turned it over and it said “Will you marry me? 8/5/17”.

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I was in shock I looked at Nick and he was on his knee with a beautiful ring. The night we met he asked me if I ever wanted to date a nick and here I was 4 years later being asked “Have you ever wanted to marry a nick?”. Of course I said yes, and asked how he hid the brick when we walked up together. Out popped a photographer who captured our moment. Nick had made his own pinterest and looked at my wedding board and had saw that I loved the idea of having a secret photographer. Seriously, how sweet!

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Special Thanks

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Engagement ring help & Moral support for Nick