Nikole and Jose

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How We Met

Flashback to being 20 and going to nightclubs, bars, and parties with my friends and meeting new people almost every night. My group of friends knew a promoter for a nightclub, so we went for free and got some drinks at the house. That’s when I met Jose. Jose was the DJ for that night and as the night went on I had no contact with Jose. I wanted to, but I was way too shy. Finally, I told one of Jose’s friends that I thought he was cute (thinking he won’t tell him and it was just our little secret). And by a “miracle” a couple of hours later. Jose came up to me and introduced himself and the rest is history. So, in a way, I’m glad Jose’s friend couldn’t hold my little secret! Almost 7 years later and I can’t imagine myself without him!

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How They Asked

My entire family, Jose and I went on vacation for a weekend to New York to celebrate my uncle’s birthday. It’s December 3rd, 55 degrees. FREEZING. My aunt had the whole trip with planned activities and shows for my uncle. She set up a “surprise picnic” for him today. So I was set! For a nice picnic for his birthday by the water. The family dispersed as girls with girls and boys with boys.

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The girls and I made our way to shops while walking to the park and to a bakery to get cupcakes for the birthday boy for the picnic. It was honestly such a nice walk. About 30 mins later of walking to the park where my uncle is going to be surprised with a picnic for his birthday.

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I see a tent in the distance with my boyfriend ( Jose) standing next to it and the boys in a corner all standing. As I’m closer with the girls. IT HIT ME. IT’S HAPPENING. QUE THE WATERWORKS.

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There was my Prince Charming standing by a marry me sign and waiting for me to walk to him at the end of the park. He got on his knee and asked me to marry him. I said YES. Moral of the story: it wasn’t my uncle’s surprise birthday picnic.

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Special Thanks

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Alexis Bolaños
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Frances Bolanos
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