Nikole and Dillon

how we met

We met in high school (12 years ago) at the local snowboard park where we were introduced through mutual friends. (Dillon may or may not have been close friends with Nikole’s recent ex-boyfriend at the time…) Sparks flew and it was instant puppy love.

how they asked

Dillon works in the film industry and put together the ultimate production for the proposal. Around 8 months before the proposal, he sourced a local neon sign shop to make the ALLWAYS sign (Signograph USA). He then decided on the location: our hometown of Chicago – and was determined to have the mood and setup be perfect. Dillon worked with Nikole’s dad to find a rooftop with with the gorgeous backdrop of Chicago’s skyline. The two worked with a close family friend who owns a building in the west loop that was just what Dillon had imagined on his mood board (yes, there was a mood board). Nikole’s family was able to get her to the rooftop without any questioning – she thought they were going to pickup a gift card from a friend at his office? They took the elevator to the top floor, the doors opened and Nikole saw Dillon outside through the windows and she couldn’t think/breathe/move. She truly had to take a minute to gather herself and walk outside. 110% complete shock and surprise! The best part of this entire story is one week prior to the proposal – Nikole suggested to Dillon that they go and buy a ring together and fly home to Chicago and surprise her family with an engagement. Little did she know this entire production was already in place!

Special Thanks

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